We individually approach each project. Before starting the collaboration, we decide together which services will be necessary to achieve our goal. We only recommend those that are absolutely necessary.


Marketing research

We comprehensively build a full brand image. We take extra care to ensure that we stand out from our competitors’ products and services. We focus on the real attention of consumers.

Brand creation

We build brands from scratch and transform existing brands. Our goal is to create bestsellers on the market.

Brand design

We comprehensively build a full brand image. We take extra care to ensure that we stand out from our competitors’ products and services. We focus on the real attention of consumers.

Brand consulting

We know how to create the best product vision and launch it on the market. We investigate how to increase brand loyalty. We analyze the current market situation of the brand and advise on how to increase consumer attention.

Brand strategy development

Setting the brand’s business goals is the first step in a good strategy. After determining these points, we prepare, step by step, a detailed plan for the implementation of the vision.

Brand Communication

The coherence of strategy and creation in brand communication is extremely important. This is why first we develop a strong strategic base and then supplement it with a non-standard creation. Then we work on custom execution ideas for promotion.

Our competencies

We have many years of experience in creating and transforming brands. Our successes are supported by specific data and creative awards. Get to know the Studio 31 skillset in detail.


Food photography

Stock photos that do not fit your product, packaging style, or promotional materials are in the past. We have our own studio where we execute all of the necessary packshots.

Packaging design

We create unique packaging that stands out on the shelf amongst competitors and grabs the consumer’s attention and makes them take notice. Well-designed packaging is characterized by the consumer intuitively understanding the advantages of selecting this product.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is the comprehensive identity of the company. It includes a logotype and adaptations of materials for various media that contribute to creating an entire visual identification system for your brand. The whole project is preceded by a developed strategy and creative ideas.


We help to find a niche and create a unique message for a product or service. We formulate the unique essence and character of the brand, based on a set of strategic market studies, the target audience, and the product.


PG Brand Reforming also contains a team of illustrators. The drawings we create are always original and consistent with the brand’s style.


We make selling sites that increase conversion from the very first contact with the audience. We develop UI and UX design and make the site not only relevant to the visual image of the brand but also effective for sales.


Sometimes the brand needs refreshing the image or changing the course of action for a more relevant target audience. In such a situation, we first assess the current situation, determine the scope of activities, build the strategy and tactics of necessary moves.


Each brand should develop an appropriate way of communicating with customers. We build communication plans from scratch for new brands or change for existing companies. We help you decide how to communicate and what tools fit those needs.


Words have power. In the search for the right name for the brand, we are inspired by many areas. We strive to ensure that the name evokes emotions, positive associations, and connects to the target group.

HR Brand Image

A good brand image also represents an image of a good employer. We know how to make a company attractive to current and potential employees.

If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact our client services team. We look at each brief individually and always try to answer every question as soon as possible.